Girl Talk: Tell Yourself You’re Beautiful

 I’ve struggled with nodular-cystic acne since I was a teenager, and I still do as an adult. Sometimes I get body acne on my chest and back, which can be very embarrassing. I do have days when my skin is clear, and boy do I thank God for those days. 🙂 It’s an excellent reward for all my hard work in taking care of my skin. However, if you’re like me, sometimes I over-stress about the random occurrences and hectic demands of life. When these things happen, I have no power over what my skin will do. Stress just makes me breakout! :/ Let me just say, it is not fun to arise in the morning, make the trip to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and see all those red mountains (some snow-capped) all over my face! My thoughts when this happens, “Awww man,….(insert colorful words of frustration here).”

Who doesn’t think their ugly, or perhaps less attractive when pimples set up camp on the face?! I know I do. I have said some pretty nasty things to myself throughout the years, because of the low self-esteem I developed as a teenager. I’m not going to preach to you or try to convert you, but honestly Jesus brought me through some of the hell inside of myself. He helped me see the beauty within me, and the beautiful woman who lies on the outside. 🙂 My husband has also helped me continuously battle the poor image I have of myself. 🙂

Maybe you don’t have a husband or you don’t know my Jesus, that’s okay, the message is still the same: Do not listen to those awful and painful words we hear or tell ourselves, “You’re ugly, you look (or are) terrible, you have a nose the size of Texas, or your eyes are the color of a brown turd (the last one is something I use to tell myself. Pretty funny and crazy, right? 😉 ).” We believe them so faithfully, and they are absolutely not true.

All that crap you tell yourself or listen to is doing nothing, but causing destruction within yourself. Abusive words are poisonous, and when you choose to believe these lies the consequences are innumerable! Thus, I urge you, practice speaking life to yourself! Use uplifting language, and words that speak your worth and value. “You are loved by many. You matter. You are important.” Look at yourself in the mirror, and tell that girl or woman looking back at you, “ You are beautiful.” Be more specific and descriptive to address the parts of yourself you’ve cursed (remember I cursed my brown eyes). For example I say, “I love my brown eyes. They glow with such beauty and radiance.” This is not conceitedness. It’s called being cognizant of who you are, and that my friend, is nothing to be ashamed of. 🙂

And so for all the world to see, here I am (on a good day 😉 ) without my makeup saying, “I am beautiful!” I sometimes curse the way I look without makeup, so this is HUGE for me. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Girl Talk: Tell Yourself You’re Beautiful

  1. Man! I have so much catching up to do on here! :o) Love the no make up look! :o) Miss you guys… just read your latest post, and this week I’m going to catch up on the others that I somehow missed :o(

    • Thanks for commenting, Kelli!! 😀 Glad you like my no makeup look! 😉 Yeah, I”m slowly becoming comfortable in my own skin! 😀 I have the Lord to thank for my new confidence. 😀 Yes, be sure to catch up because I have new stuff on the way. 😀 Miss you guys tons!!! 😉

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