Consequences of Harsh Soaps, Scrubbing, & Finding Balance

Why Harsh Soaps and Scrubbing is Bad!

Did you know that harsh soaps and scrubbing your face until its squeaky clean causes severe dryness and acne?! When coarse methods are used to cleanse the face, you’re actually stripping the natural oils from the skin. After eradicating these natural oils, the body goes into overdrive to reproduce more sebum for the face. This is a natural reaction, as the body is trying to protect itself from dryness, the elements, and pollution. (FYI: Sunscreen and moisturizer also provide aid from our harsh environment, which is why these products are so important to add to any skin care regime.) This overproduction of oil clogs the pores, causing bacteria, and followed by our well-known friends. Zits! 😛

I used harsh soaps and scrubbed my face relentlessly before I realized I was harming my skin instead of helping it. I believed this was necessary to prevent that which causes acne. Not true! Dirt, oil, and makeup should be cleansed from the face; however, scrubbing the skin with tremendous vigor and force, while also using a harsh soap or exfoliant is damaging to the skin. Be kind to your skin, and it will be kind to you.

Skin Care Tips to Greatly Consider

All skin types can benefit from washing the face with gentle and mild products. Try a glycerin based or vegetable based soap, like castile or goat milk soap. You could also be creative and make your own face wash! 😀 If you have acne, try using a natural cleanser or a homemade face wash first before switching to a acne cleanser that contains benzoyl peroxide. You could also rotate between a natural product and a medicated one. For example, try using a natural cleanser in the morning and a medicated cleanser at night. (I love this recipe I found in my “Naturally Beautiful” book called the Oatmeal Blemish Cleanser! You could also try the Oats Cleansing Scrub. Click on links for the recipe.) Use vegetable oil for eye and face makeup removal. I did a post on this. Click here to read it. Don’t use abrasive exfoliants that tear at the skin. Use an exfoliant that is much more fine in texture. Also, don’t use exfoliants  more than twice a week. More than this may cause irritation. Don’t wash your face more than twice a day, or it will dry the skin out. Use moisturizer and don’t forget the sunscreen! 😉

Find Balance!

What you want is to find a balance where your skin is not too dry or too oily. After the completion of your skin care regime, the face should feel comfortable and moisturized. It shouldn’t feel or look oily or dry. At night, I cleanse my face with an acne cleanser that contains benzoyl peroxide. Yes, this is a strong and harsh cleanser that robs my skin of moisture;  however, I have cystic acne. I use it to keep my acne under control. Because I’m using a harsh soap, I use it once a day and make sure I moisturize! I am not insisting that harsh soaps should NEVER be used, but that they’re VERY drying. Therefore, it’s imperative that you maintain a balance! Try decreasing the application if the skin is dry or irritated, and always replenish the face with moisture. Try to incorporate gentle alternatives as much as possible; however, unnatural products that the skin responds to are okay to use. Just remember to keep a balance. 🙂

UPDATE: 5/26/14 Hey readers! Under the “Find Balance” section, I shared a part of my old skin care routine with you. My new skin care routine includes washing my face everyday, twice a day with my homemade face wash. I also hardly ever moisturize anymore, because the essential oils in my face wash have balanced my oil production. I’m so pleased to have found a combination of essentials oils that calmed and soothed my acne, and has left my skin almost clear! After all my research and finally achieving success, this experience has taught me that with patience and determination you CAN obtain the results you desire using pure natural ingredients! 😀


6 thoughts on “Consequences of Harsh Soaps, Scrubbing, & Finding Balance

    • Hiya Reem! 😉 Great question. 😀 Cystic acne is the most severe type of acne. They are deep, inflamed lumps that form under the skin, and are very painful. Although they form under the skin, their still visible on the surface. They take weeks to heal and a lot of times they leave deep tissue scars. I have some on my chin. 😦 I like to call my acne cystic acne for short. However, to be precise I have nodulocystic acne. There is actually a small difference between cystic acne and nodulocystic acne, so I should probably use the proper name. 😛 With cystic acne, the lumps are kind of soft and feel like their full of fluid or pus. Sounds kinda gross, right? 😛 With nodulocystic acne, the lumps are hard. I don’t get them on a regular basis, and I almost always only get one or two. However, when they do come it sucks! 😉 They seem to come randomly, definitely when I’m under stress, and when its that time of the month. 😉 Their favorite spots to form is on my chin and right smack dab in the middle of my eyebrows. I hate that, because it looks like I have a big red horn. Perhaps, I’m secretly a unicorn and the true me is trying to emerge. LOL! 😉

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