Simple Skin Care P.1

There was a time I used 5-8 facial products in one sitting to cleanse my face. No joke!  If I may ask, what does your skin care routine consists of? 🙂 Are you using more than you really need? How many products does it take to achieve a clear and healthy complexion? What exactly should you use?


Wrong Way to Wash your Face…

I would do an initial washing with liquid soap to remove any dirt, oil, or makeup. I tried facial wipes, however, I felt they didn’t cleanse my face sufficiently. Then I used an acne face wash specifically for my breakouts. Afterwards, I exfoliated with a facial scrub to slough off the dead skin. Why? I had read that consistent exfoliation helps acne. In addition, I used an astringent toner to make sure my face had absolutely no traces of dirt and/or oil. Then I’d moisturize with an oil free product. Finally, I would apply several acne spot treatments. Although, sometimes I’d apply 1-2 masks after my acne wash, and an overnight acne scar removal product.

Talk about a long skin care routine! 😛 There are several things wrong with this skin care routine. Obviously, the excessive amount of products. Moreover, I found that constant washing and scrubbing was causing more acne! In addition, I was constantly stripping my face of its natural oils, and only succeeded in creating a super dry, flaky, and irritated complexion. With of course, a collection of blackheads, whiteheads, and lovely red bumps. Yikes! 😦

*** Note: Read “Consequences of Harsh Scrubbing…,” by clicking here for more information and tips on skin care.

What Do You Need to Change?

Readers, I believe simplicity is crucial and will help save your skin’s life. 🙂 Analyze your facial regime and ask yourself, “Do I REALLY need this? Is this product helping or harming my skin? Am I seeing the results I desire from this product?” In my personal opinion, a daily skin care routine should comprise only of facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and one acne spot treatment. This is simple, basic, and just as effective as any ridiculously expensive acne kit system. Adding a facial mask is great too, but it should only be used 1-2 times a week. More than twice, may result in dry, irritated skin.

Green Mask



It’s Okay to Mix & Match!

I strive to use skin products that are natural and gentle, because I do strongly believe it’s better for your skin and your health. However, if that goal cannot be achieved then that’s okay. 🙂 Sometimes stronger medications are necessary to help severely blemished skin. Honestly, I do mix the naturals with a few unnatural products. I use a store-bought acne cleanser at night and a acne spot treatment, both of which contain benzoyl peroxide. In contrast, I use a homemade face wash in the morning (for that recipe, click here.) and toner.

UPDATE:  5/24/14 

Hey Folks! Wow! I apologize! I had no idea that some of my posts needed to be updated! This is no longer my skin care routine. I now use my homemade face wash everyday, twice a day. I also use a homemade apple cider vinegar toner everyday, twice a day. I have decreased the amount of benzoyl peroxide I use. I now use a acne spot treatment with a much lower concentration as needed for pesky pimples. In addition, I almost never use moisturizer anymore. 🙂 I believe the essential oils I put in my face wash has greatly aided in curing my dryness (also drinking lots of water). However, when I do use moisturizer for those dry winter months I like Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Oil Control Lotion. I use this, because most of the ingredients in it are natural. I’ll do a product review on that later. 🙂 I combine this skin care routine with healthy eating, herbal supplements, and staying hydrated. My skin looks and feels a lot better than it has in years! 🙂 I still get small pimples (cysts when I’m stressed), but I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’ll never completely rid my skin of them. And that’s okay! 😉

I realize now this post sounds so wishy washy at the end, and I never quite gave you a proper explanation for my beliefs. I am 100% a full believer in holistic medicine. I believe most health and skin issues can be cured with herbal and natural remedies, healthy eating, and the elimination of toxins from the body. It is my hope that all people who suffer from any health or skin concern would seek to heal it naturally first. However, it has also come to my understanding that for some unfortunate people, they have no choice but to turn to stronger treatments and/or medications to cure their severe ailments. Their condition may be so severe, so physically excruciating, and so much more beyond anything holistic alternatives can do that they must turn to extreme measures. Therefore, I’m not going to criticize their decision to seek medical assistance.

Check here for Part 2..


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