New Pinterest Link

Hi Readers,

I added a new feature to my blog, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Located to the left side of the page you’ll notice the title “Pinterest,” with the same sub title underneath. This link here is to my new Pinterst page. 🙂

What’s Pinterst??

It’s a new social networking website where one can create multiple boards based on different topics and interests they love. In each board, you’ll find a collection of “pins” or images related to the board’s topic, that the “pinner” (that’s me) wants to share. In addition, you’ll notice a small description at the bottom of the pin telling you about this particular pin, which is written by the pinner. IMPORTANT: These pins also link to other web addresses when clicked, that again relate to the board’s topic and/or the pin image. The pin links are for the purpose of giving you more information on the topic or interest.

Don’t Worry…

My pins will NEVER link to websites containing explicit material. I visit the websites I want to share FIRST before I pin them.

Why Have a Pinterst?

I have tons of topics and interests that I’m dying to share with you. 😉 Unfortunately, I won’t always have the time to write a post about them (I also forget. 😛 ). Therefore, I believe this will be a fantastic way for me to share new product discoveries, skin and beauty recipes and tips, makeup, curly hair stuff, hobbies, basically everything I love! 😀 It’s quick and easy for all of us, and you get to know more about me through what I pin. 😉

Check it out and follow me! 😉




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