Hi Readers,

I hope the picture of me being silly gave you a good laugh. 🙂 It’s wonderful to laugh! 😉 Laughing can be so healing when you feel like the whole world is on top of your shoulders. Grab yourself a cup of joe or tea, my friend, and let’s talk about stress. Stress sucks! It causes a great deal of mayhem and unhappiness. Moreover, stress negatively affects many areas of our psyche. I am a chronic stressor. I can’t help but stress about the most basal things. I awake in the morning stressing about how my day is going to pan out. “What challenges and hardships will greet me today?” I ponder. I then allow my mind to envision several unlikely situations that I may grapple with, which causes more stress. Sad, huh? 😛

Currently, I am working on de-stressing my life and engaging in more positive thinking. I would like to share my tips with you, in hopes that they may help alleviate some stress in your life.

  •  Positive and Progressive Thinking. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Think about things that bring joy and happiness. Attack the negative thoughts, and transform them into a optimistic outlook. Create hope, inspire vivacity, and encourage confidence.
  • Emotional Maintenance. Whatever ill-feeling you may be experiencing, do something relaxing, calming, and soothing to help relieve the tension. Whatever that may be for you: take a walk, read a book, watch a sunrise/sunset, take a warm bath/shower, drive to the mountains/ocean, talk to God/friend/spouse/relative about the issue. Do something healthy to reduce the emotion.
  • Exercise and Diet. That’s right! Your diet and activity level can affect how you handle stress. If you’re making poor food choices and sitting on your rear everyday, you better believe that your going to feel 10x more stressed out than if you were eating healthy and exercising regularly. Did you know that every time you exercise a natural chemical called endorphins is released by the brain making you feel great?! Exercise is an excellent stress-reducer. In addition, when you eat healthy your mind is able to think more clearly, focus, and concentrate better on the issues at hand. Most of us, myself included,  eat junk foods to comfort ourselves when we’re stressed out. It just feels so darn good to sit on the couch, playing your favorite movie, with a bag of dorritos, butter soaked popcorn, and a dr. pepper. Don’t do it. We’ve gotta fight those cravings for our favorite comfort foods.
  • Be Grateful. This could also go along with positive and progressive thinking, but I believe this one can stand alone. We are a people that places so much focus on the things we don’t have. Things that we think will make life sweeter and more enjoyable. We obsess, we pant, and we yearn for these things so desperately it steals what felicity we do have right out of our souls. Leaving a vast emptiness that only “stuff” can fill. Therefore, count your blessings. Be grateful for the beautiful things that you do have. This doesn’t have to stop at material possessions either. Be grateful for your spouse, your children, your family, and friends. Be grateful for things, like having a home, food, and a job that gives you money to go on grand adventures. Treasure the things that really matter.
  • Spiritual Food. I would like to say that when I am feeling so overwhelmed that I just feel completely lost and incapacitated, I turn to God. He is the source of my joy and happiness. I find peace and rest in Him. When I bring my conflicts to him, he takes care of them. I go to him to find my ground again. He is my water and my food that I need to be reenergized, to be refreshed, and to be renewed for another day. He is my ultimate stress-reliever.

Those are my tips for you, chaps. I hope you will find them helpful, I hope you laughed a bit, and I hope these tips will help you live and breathe easier. Please share your tips for reducing stress in the comment box below. 🙂




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