Curly Hair Tip I: Porosity

This will be a series of posts with tips  for my people with waves, curls, coils, kinks, and zigs! LOL! 😉 I’d like to help you as much as possible if you’re having a rough time with your tresses. 🙂

Disclaimer: I am in no way claiming to be an expert! My knowledge comes strictly from my own hair experiences, so please do more research. 🙂

A Little Back History

I had my hair relaxed since I was 11 years old. When I was 19,  I decided I didn’t want to relax my hair anymore. Thus, I blow-dried and flat ironed my hair instead until I was 23 or 24 years of age. Finally, I grew tired of caring for straight hair. Plus, my hair was dry, damaged, and brittle. I thought caring for my curly hair would be much more manageable (it is once you have a routine in place, which I didn’t have at all in the beginning). “Shampoo and condition everyday, what’s so hard about that?” I thought. I had no idea what I was doing, and let me just say I lost A LOT of hair in my beginner years of going natural. 😦 That is why I want to help you, readers. I want to save you from all the heartache of my mistakes. 😛 Remember, there are tons of other women (and men) out there in the online world, who also can be of great help to you on your hair journey. 🙂

Just a FYI…

Trying to find the right hair products to suit your hair type, and the right hair routine can be tedious work. However, with patience, determination, and a genuine desire to grow healthy hair it can be done. 😉 Get ready! You’re going to know your hair well if you choose to go natural, so be prepared. 🙂 You will learn what your hair likes and dislikes, how many times it needs to be washed, how much maintenance is required for your hair, and so on and so forth.

A Good Place to Start

Like I stated previously, I had no idea how to take care of my curly hair. I searched online curly hair forums, blogs, and read books at the library relentlessly for help. I asked many questions on forums and got answers, but the experiments I conducted that these wonderful ladies suggested seemed to always fall through. Another fellow curly girl was kind enough to share some vital information with me. What she told me was I needed to find the porosity of my hair. (Porosity??!! What the heck is that?) I ignored her advice (oh no!), and continued to conduct my own research and experiments of caring for my hair. After a couple of years (yes, years) of frustration and buying countless amounts of hair products that didn’t work, I finally decided to figure out what porosity meant. Let me cut to the chase: Essentially, knowing your hair’s porosity will greatly help you choose the correct products suitable to your unique hair type. That is huge!

Porosity is how much moisture your hair absorbs. The simplest way in which I understand this is you need to know if your hair drinks rich, viscous, and pudding-like moisture or light, thin, and watery-based moisture. 🙂 For example, I use to purchase hair products that were real thick and heavy, because my hair was so dry. I figured the more rich and dense the product was the more moisture my hair would receive. However, my hair hated it! I could not understand why the product would just sit on top of my hair, and never absorb. After finding my porosity, I found that my hair loves uncongealed products! Knowing my porosity has saved my hair’s life. 😉 So I urge you, find your porosity guys! 🙂

To figure out what your hair’s porosity is or for more information on porosity check out or . These are great websites for beginners.  


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