Make A Friend Today

Greetings and Salutations Friends!

I know I’m extremely late, but I hope you all are doing well and are ready to live life to the fullest in the year 2014!! 🙂 Hopefully, I can get myself into gear and start getting some more posts on this here blog. 😉

Today, I want to encourage you to make a connection with a complete stranger. Just a simple, “Hello! How are you?” 🙂 I believe face to face communication with other humans is sadly becoming a very complex and distressing experience for many people today. It’s now acceptably congruous to build relations and socialize through websites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram, and so on. In a society driven by the newest and latest technology, smart gadgets, and more we are forgetting to practice the most basal and crucial thing of the human race. Cultivating face to face relationships! This immemorial form is so innate to human beings and should not be expunged. My friends, we mustn’t allow the crippling words of Albert Einstein to take affect: “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Take a second to think about this. Why are we willing to so easily relinquish something invaluable to humanity? Did you know that we enrich and expand our lives through the cultivation of friendships. When we communicate through face to face contact we learn a wealth of information and knowledge about individual identities, different and unique cultural customs, and we gain a new perspective on life.  In addition, it is my belief that we actually help our brains grow new neuralogical pathways which increases our life expectancy, exercises verbal expression, and gives us a euphoric feeling when we convey our thoughts and ideas to another. My all inclusive point here is: it’s very beneficial to our health and it feels just darn right good to talk to people! LOL! 😉

But seriously guys, we mustn’t lose practice in something so priceless and so easily accessible everyday. Don’t be ashamed. I too am guilty of staring at my laptop, cellphone, or electronic device instead of trying to start a conversation with the people around me. I too am out of practice with face to face human interaction, and get a little scared to talk to people sometimes. Let’s work on this together. 🙂

Last Wednesday, I walked into a Lush Store and was greeted by a beautiful sales associate. She proceeded to tell me about the great products they had, and which ones she’d recommend. I was a little scared at first, but I managed to successfully expand the conversation further and ask the sales associate about her hair. We found we had a lot in common. 🙂 I’m happy to tell you, we made a girl’s date, got some coffee together and had a blast! I now have a new friend!

So you see, it’s all about taking advantage of those opportunities when they arise. If you’re sitting next to someone in school, waiting in line, on the bus, in a store, or whatever ask someone how their day is going. 🙂 Conquer that fear of stepping out and striking up a conversation with a stranger. You may find your best friend, your soul mate, or a very special person with a different walk of life than your own. 🙂

Just a quick note, there are people out there who are not very chatty, timid, or don’t care to make a connection or a new friend. They may come off as rude, snobby, or just not interested in what you have to say. Don’t be discouraged and don’t allow this experience to make you dubious. Moreover, don’t think the problem is you. They may be having a bad day, or their just narrow-minded and not even worthy of having you talk to them. 😉 Chin up! And remember there are countless people who have a genuine desire to make a new friend, just like you. 🙂




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