Natural Eye/Face Makeup Remover

Looking for a fantastic and affordable face/eye makeup remover? You’ll notice that some are a bit pricey, or if you’ve ever purchased a cheap one you’ll see that the quality is awful. Moreover, the harsh chemicals used in eye/face makeup removers can cause an allergic reaction, irritation, or dry your skin out. Yikes! That is […]

Simple Skin Care P.1

There was a time I used 5-8 facial products in one sitting to cleanse my face. No joke!ย  If I may ask,ย what does your skin care routine consists of? ๐Ÿ™‚ย Are you using more than you really need? How many products does it take to achieve a clear and healthy complexion? What exactly should you use? […]

Consequences of Harsh Soaps, Scrubbing, & Finding Balance

Why Harsh Soaps and Scrubbing is Bad! Did you know that harsh soaps and scrubbing your face until its squeaky clean causes severe dryness and acne?! When coarse methods are used to cleanse the face, youโ€™re actually stripping the natural oils from the skin. After eradicating these natural oils, the body goes into overdrive to […]